Eye health needs to be included in school health programs. A concept led by the eye care industry is now seeing other sectors looking to us for advice and guidance.

By: Hasan Minto, Director of Programs, Brien Holden Vision Institute Foundation and Our Children’s Vision and Courtenay Holden, Marketing and Communications Manager, Our Children’s Vision

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A simple pair of glasses has the power to change a child’s life. Essilor is finding innovative solutions to put more glasses on little faces, and give thousands of children the opportunity to see better and achieve more.

By: Anurag Hans, Senior Director, Base-of-Pyramid Innovation Lab, Essilor

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For every child – we go blue.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

We go blue - to join the thousands of children around the world who are calling on world leaders to do more, so that every child can be in school, be safe, be healthy and fulfil their potential.

By: The Our Children's Vision Team

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Anyone who works in the health and development sector will tell you that there is not one, singular solution to achieving universal coverage. There isn’t a magical recipe that works for the entire population. So how do we ensure eye care is everywhere?

By: Aly Bandali, President and CEO, Operation Eyesight Universal

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The vision of 27 million children

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Reaching 27 million children around the world in two years is inspiring and it is a rallying point for not just helping today's children, but for doing the research, developing policies, lobbying governments and putting into place programs around the world to address the eye health of children today and tomorrow.

By: The Our Children’s Vision Team

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450 million people in China cannot see the world clearly because they live with uncorrected poor vision. This puts them at a disadvantage which is especially true of children. A simple pair of glasses has the power to change a person’s life and create positive ripple effects on the social and economic development of a community.

By: Vision for Life – Essilor Vision Foundation China

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On Day of the African Child, we take pause to think about the voices of children in Africa - our future leaders, artists, parents and the ones who will be ensuring the economic life of African communities and countries. We must make every effort to remove any barriers that hinder their ability to reach their full potential.

By: Petronella Nichols, Africa Regional Director, Brien Holden Vision Institute

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School health programs are a unique opportunity to make sure over 700 million children have access to health care services – including eye health. The IAPB has adopted a set of guidelines that will help ensure they receive a standardized quality of eye care – regardless of their location.

By: The Our Children’s Vision Team

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Why no one should be left behind

Wednesday, 04 April 2018

Eye health has the potential to become one of the largest health interventions in modern history. We are at a point where no country can afford to leave anyone behind.

By: Nicola Chevis, CEO, Vision Aid Overseas

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Reducing inequalities starts by giving children equal opportunities. Sadly, these opportunities too often depend on the quality of education a child receives, and giving a child equal learning opportunities can start with something as simple as making sure they can see well.

By: Vision for Life

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