It’s the little things.

By: Ha Thanh Phuong, Brien Holden Vision Institute, Service Development Manager, Vietnam & Cambodia

When little things add up they have a big impact. I know, I have seen it time and time again through my work with the Brien Holden Vision Institute.

I can recall a little girl from rural Vietnam. She had a serious vision problem, but because of her location never had the opportunity to have her eyes checked or corrected. Her life was hindered with no improvement in sight…until we were able to step in.

Three little things changed her life. A ride on a taxi bike from a local driver, a free eye exam and a free pair of spectacles.

I will never forget the moment when she smiled and told us she could see. I can remember her saying, “Everything is full of life.”

For this little girl, small interventions changed her life. That is pretty powerful.

That is just one story, one little girl. There are millions of children in the world just like her.

Through Our Children’s Vision, we can join resources and efforts and have thousands of stories about children having life-changing opportunities with simple and timely interventions. In Vietnam, we believe that the person who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. Great achievements are often passed through generations, yet it is all started with the little things.

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