Levelling the playing field

By: Courtenay Holden, Marketing and Communications, Our Children's Vision

In the development sector, we often find ourselves discussing and debating the injustice of health. Why is it that some children have easy access to anything from a vaccination to an eye exam, and others go without?

Well, the eye care sector is looking at levelling the playing field.

The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB) have just announced the School Eye Health Working Group. A new group made up of thought leaders, development experts, movers and shakers who are tasked with scrutinizing the opportunities and challenges of providing eye care to school aged children around the world. The group will help determine the best practice for eye health programs in schools and for the integration of eye health within existing school health interventions.

“We need to get to a place where all children attending school receive not just care, but the same standard of care. Whether a child is in a private school in Johannesburg, or a government school in Brooklyn, they are getting reliable school eye health services,” said Hasan Minto, Director of Programs for the Brien Holden Vision Institute, Global Program Director for Our Children’s Vision, and key driver of the new working group. 

The School Eye Health Working Group will help set the stage so every child attending school will receive the right treatment, at the right time, The Working Group will be collaborating with relevant government agencies and organisation around the world.

As a sector, we have so many opportunities to make an impact, and yes, those opportunities come with a myriad of challenges but we have the knowledge and expertise to solve many of the issues facing child eye health today…and this new working group is a huge step in the right direction.

We are proud to support the IAPB and the School Eye Health Working Group. We look forward to their work addressing how eye health is effectively integrated into new and established school health programs to combat the ever-increasing need for care.

For more information, or if your organisation would like to join the School Eye Health Working Group, visit: iapb.org 




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