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If you want to be inspired, ask a child what they see in their future. Whether it’s trips to space, singing to sold-out stadiums, or even becoming president - what always stands out is the lack of limits that young children place on their ambitions. But there is something that can very quickly blur those clear visions of success, and it’s a problem with the potential to affect every other child in the world today. To avoid it, we test their eyesight. Now.
Our Children’s Vision is getting eye care services to 50 million children by 2020. Here we present the work of our partners, getting eye care to more children in more locations.

April 8th, New York City

If you struggle to see, you struggle to learn. It is as simple as that.

It is a fact that without an education girls are at risk. One key barrier, which is often overlooked, when it comes to accessing an education is poor vision.  Without healthy vision millions of girls around the world have their opportunities to learn taken away – when a simple pair of glasses is often the solution.

By: Daveena Brain, Executive Director, Our Children's Vision

What we know.

Vision loss and eye disease in children can have a severe impact on education and development. For example, it is estimated that at least one third of the world’s 72 million children who are not in school, have a disability (including those with a vision impairment).2 This is not ok.

By: Sumrana Yasmin, Brien Holden Vision Institute, Regional Director, South East Asia & Eastern Mediterranean

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