Keeping the ball rolling.

The need for optometry in the health care system in Vietnam cannot be underestimated. The eye care needs of Vietnams children, now and in the future, depend on successfully introducing the profession into the public sector.

By: Ly Huynh, Brien Holden Vision Institute, Country Representative, Vietnam

Why So Many Children Around The World Could Go Blind

Most eye conditions in children can be prevented, treated and corrected. But the risk of severe myopia (high myopia) is a particular problem that increases the risk of conditions that can lead to irreversible vision loss.

By: Kovin Naidoo, Our Children’s Vision, Director

There is something special.

There is something special about working in vision care and development. Every day we have the opportunity to change lives for the better, and for that we all can feel grateful, inspired and motivated to do more.

By: Neath Kong, Brien Holden Vision Institute, Country Coordinator, Cambodia

It’s the little things.

 We have a huge opportunity. Children’s eye health is the global issue that we can most realistically defeat in this generation. But it will take all of us, each doing our little piece, to achieve it.

By: Ha Thanh Phuong, Brien Holden Vision Institute, Service Development Manager, Vietnam & Cambodia




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