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Children are standing up, standing together and raising their voices for the disadvantaged amongst them. We cannot think of a more worthy challenge, or one we are more proud to support.

By: The Our Children's Vision Team

Children’s Vision: Why Does it Count?

Saving our children’s vision may seem like a daunting task, but together we have the possibility of ensuring a more literate and capable society if we simply break down barriers to vision care for our children. On this World Sight Day, and every day, let’s make vision count.

By: Kristan Gross, Vision Impact Institute, Global Executive Director

Does vision really matter?

We all want to see a world where children, regardless of their gender, economic status or geographical location deserve the opportunity to live a healthy and productive life. We would be remiss to think that eye health is not an integral part of that picture.

By: Kovin Naidoo, Our Children’s Vision, Director

The vision of 16.5 million children

When we hit our first year target of 10 million it was certainly a cause for celebration – the additional 8 million seen is an indicator that we are onto something big!

By: The Our Children’s Vision Team




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