There are things about Cambodia that are absolutely magical. The intense heat. The deafening monsoon. The mesmerising farmlands as far as the eye can see.

But these magical qualities can make accessing health services difficult and in some circumstances almost impossible.

In some parts of Cambodia, eye care services are dozens of kilometres away and, thanks to the extreme weather, require relentless travel on poor roads.

Fortunately for one little boy his dad had a plan. Like parents around the world, Ung Sam Art wants the absolute best for his children. Determined that they attend school - that they have a bright future. But even with the best intentions, things don’t always go according to plan. Sony, Ung Sam Art’s oldest child, couldn’t see.

He couldn’t see his books. He couldn’t read the blackboard in school.
All the dreams of a promising future slowly drifted away as Sony fell further and further behind in his studies.

Until one fateful day when word travelled to their small village that there was help - a solution. A vision centre that was not close, but reachable.  

Without hesitation, Ung Sam Art tasked himself with organising money and transportation, nothing was going to keep him from providing Sony with clear vision.

Forty kilometres bouncing on the back of a motorcycle had Sony, his sister (because why not?)
and Ung Sam Art arrive at eye care services that they trusted and importantly, could afford.

There in the early morning heat, just as the vision centre opened for the day, Ung Sam Art eagerly waited. He was excited because he knew that by the end of the day, things that were impossible for Sony to achieve yesterday, would now be possible.

A quick eye examination. A reliable prescription. A pair of glasses selected.
Within hours the little boy, who was almost blind, departed the vision centre with clear vision.
Nothing more than a pair of glasses to fix his sight. Simple.

At the days end, along with Sony, his daughter and a driver, Ung Sam Art started the long journey home.
Happy on this trip knowing that Sony would be able to see the villages, countryside and smiling faces rush past as they rode.

A brighter future.





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