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Our Children’s Vision needs local, national and global partners to help screen more children, in more regions, establish stronger referral pathways, ensure comprehensive treatment, and impact sustainable change in eye care provision.

The power of partnership

The success of Our Children’s Vision is found in its partnerships. A global community of dedicated practitioners, not-for-profit organisations, hospitals and governments are driving mobilisation of resources, networks and know-how to impact the lives of more children, in more locations.  

With your help, and that of others like you, we will reach our goal of 50 million children by 2020.

Become a partner

By becoming a partner, you can create lasting, far reaching impact. There are a range of opportunities to match your business or your interests. Here are just two ways you can partner with Our Children’s Vision projects:


  • Partner for a specific project within a country of choice
  • Partner with all projects within a country
  • Partner for specific projects across a region – e.g. Western Pacific, South East Asia and Eastern Mediterranean, Africa, the Americas
  • Partner for any number of projects across the world
  • Partner for provision of care for any number of child screenings, examinations and/or glasses


  • Research - gathering evidence for development of better care, better systems; helping to inform us on local trends, quality of services and gaps that indicate the need for other services
  • Education - upskilling practitioners, management and local staff to the highest possible standards of care
  • Technology –development of technology to make screening simpler, cheaper and faster to reach more children in more places
  • Health promotion – development of local health messages educating communities, parents, teachers and children on the need for good eye health
  • Advocacy – development of evidence based advocacy for sustainable change through policy and practises
  • Management – provision of qualified and experienced staff to ensure that projects are delivered to agreed standards on every level


It is estimated that US$10 can provide vision to change a life.

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*For less than US$10 one child can be saved from years of disability and a lifetime affected by missed opportunities in childhood. The average cost of US$10 takes into account the cost of the most inaccessible service and the most affordable, and averages them to give Our Children’s Vision an indication of what it would cost to provide the eye care required for all children. We call this our average cost of child eye care services.





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